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AutoHarvest Foundation, a non-profit organisation, operates a unique innovation ecosystem led by some of the most highly respected figures in the automotive and manufacturing industries. In 2012 was launched as the world’s only truly neutral and global online meeting place for all types of innovator with an interest in advanced manufacturing. It allows users to showcase their capabilities, technologies and needs system wide and privately connect with fellow inventors and business developers to explore technology and commercial opportunities of mutual interest. The AutoHarvest interest group consists of over 300 prominent R&D and manufacturing organisations from industry, government and academic organisations. AutoHarvest is part of the Detroit Regional Innovation Network and was recently awarded a multi-year grant by the New Economy Initiative Foundation of Southeast Michigan.

Intellectual Property Association of Japan 


The Intellectual Property Association of Japan (IPAJ) was established in October 2002 by IP researchers and business owners with intellectual property.

The IPAJ promotes research activities in interdisciplinary fields – such as law, economics, management and international relations – in order to create, protect and utilise technologies and media content. The IPAJ is attended by a wide range of people who are interested in intellectual property.

The IPAJ’s main activities include organising an annual conference for academic researchers, publishing academic journals, hosting domestic and international symposia, and promoting research activities by sub-committees. In addition, the IPAJ presents an annual award to the company which achieves remarkable results in the IP field and to students who make exemplary speeches at the conference.

Further, the IPAJ also actively promotes human resource development and makes necessary proposals to the Japanese government through its activities.

International IP Commercialization Council


IIPCC is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that provides a platform for the business and innovator communities to increase their understanding of intellectual property and seek resources to unleash the value and commercialisation potential of their creative and innovative intellectual property into products, services or processes. IIPCC embraces commercialisation of intellectual property that promotes sustainable economic growth, protects the environment, creates jobs for all social strata and improves quality of life. 

IIPCC’s mission is to promote IP education for business, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, policymakers and professionals; promote good IP practices and standards towards certification for effective commercialisation in the regional and global markets; and provide social and business networks for IP commercialisation opportunities.

IIPCC comprises a highly structured networking system that enables interaction and encourages innovation and commercialisation at all levels, thus providing a platform for the circulation of innovations and facilitating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for IP commercialisation to benefit regional and global communities.

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