Min-Sheo Choi
Director of IP business
Min-Sheo Choi is a director of the IP business team at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in Daejeon, Korea, where he is in charge of patent licensing, litigation and other types of IP-based monetisation. His responsibilities at ETRI have previously included streamlining IP strategy, facilitating global collaborative research arrangements, helping researchers to carry out their roles efficiently in the context of international standard development and advising on every aspect of the IP-related issues that the institute faces.

Mr Choi started his career in intellectual property in 1999 as a patent attorney, representing various global information and communications technology firms at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

He obtained a BS in physics from Sogang University and an MS in information and communications engineering from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He has also completed PhD coursework in bioengineering and brain engineering at KAIST.
Reinoud Hesper_website.JPG
Reinoud Hesper
Patent lawyer
European Patent Office
Reinoud Hesper studied law at the Universities of Utrecht and Strasbourg. He joined the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich in 2000 as a lawyer in the Patent Law Directorate. From 2003 to 2013 he worked in the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International Legal Affairs Directorate as an expert in procedures under the PCT. In 2013, he returned to the Patent Law Directorate and was promoted to head of department filing and European PCT. Since 2005 he has been a co-author of Singer and Stauder, a commentary on the European Patent Convention, in which he writes about the procedures under the PCT before the EPO. Before joining the EPO, he worked as lecturer and researcher at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University in the areas of European and Dutch economic law and competition law.
Miguel Iglesias
Global sales director
Miguel Iglesias started his career with Questel 14 years ago as a sales executive based in Paris. Previously, after obtaining a master’s in technical and economical translation from the Sorbonne University, Mr Iglesias worked as a technical translator specialising in patents.

In 2007, he relocated to the United States, and became US sales manager in 2011 and global sales director in 2014.
Photo_Woochan Jeon.jpg
Woochan Jeon
Manager and patent attorney, IP rights
SK Planet
Woochan Jeon is a manager of the IP rights team at SK Planet, where he is in charge of patent prosecution. He carries out various patent monetisation projects through licences and sales, and is experienced in patent litigation. After he graduated with a bachelor’s of computer science from Yonsei University, he started his career in intellectual property as a patent attorney in 2009. Before joining SK Planet, he represented LG Electronics at Park, Kim & Partner.
photo_Jinhyun Kim.jpg
Jin Hyun Kim
Vice president
LG Innotek
Jinhyun Kim is a vice president and head of the IP department at LG Innoteck (LGIT), a global materials and components manufacturer focusing on the areas of mobile, automotive, LED display, semiconductor and the Internet of Things. Mr Kim is responsible for all IP matters and leads the IP department with a strategic view of relation between business and intellectual property.
Before joining LGIT in 2013, Mr Kim worked for LG Electronics and managed IP in-bound and out-bound licensing, litigation and joint ventures. He was heavily involved in patent pool licensing activities in optical disc products and audio-video compression technologies. He has 26 years’ experience in corporate global IP management, including licensing negotiations and litigation with global companies and non-practising entities in the United States, Europe, Japan and China.
He has a master’s in IP law from the Franklin Pierce law Centre and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from SungkyunKwan University.
joosup kim.jpg
Joo Sup Kim
Vice president and head, IP licensing
LG Electronics
Joo Sup Kim is vice president at the Intellectual Property Centre at LG Electronics and manages the team responsible for litigation, licensing, counselling, open source and copyrights.

His career in the IP industry spans over 30 years, with experience in IP litigation and licensing. He has been involved in more than 400 litigation cases and over 60 trials worldwide covering many technologies including tele-communications, consumer electronics, liquid crystal displays, organic light-emitting diodes and semiconductors.

Dr Kim's expertise includes offensive and defensive matters through strategic litigation and licensing. He has successfully managed numerous strategic IP transactions, M&A transactions and alliances.

In 2015, IAM listed Dr Kim in the top 40 market makers and IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists.

Dr Kim received a PhD in law from Kookmin University, a Master’s in IP law from the Franklin Pierce law centre and a BSc in electronics engineering from Hanyang University.
Justin Kim.png
Justin Kim
Clarivate Analytics Korea
Justin Kim is a director of Clarivate Analytics Korea, which was formerly the IP and science business of Thomson Reuters. He has extensive knowledge and experience of technology innovation. He has delivered several presentations and keynote speeches about technology innovation, technology trends and the research landscape in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore using patent and research database analysis.

Mr Kim is interested in data intelligence to retrieve insights out of databases to support better decision making.

Previously, Mr Kim worked at a fixed-income financial solution company, where he led intelligent risk management projects. He also worked with a data mining software company to provide advanced analytics to process Big Data for better decision making. He started his career as a consultant.

Mr Kim has a PhD in computer engineering.
Deirdre Leane
Vice president, licensing
Deirdre Leane recently joined Technicolor’s IP licensing team as vice president, where she licenses Technicolor’s extensive and broad patent portfolio to third parties. Before joining Technicolor Dr Leane was president and CEO of the IP Navigation Group, a successful Dallas-based patent monetisaton company.
After completing her PhD studies, Dr Leane’s early career focused on the intersection of business and technology and science. She held a number of roles as a commercialisation specialist – identifying and capturing cutting-edge technology developed at universities and ultimately licensing intellectual property to third parties. Dr Leane received a PhD in chemistry from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and a BSc in applied chemistry and physics from DIT and Trinity College Dublin. She also completed a higher diploma in science education from Trinity College.
IAM listed Dr Leane as number 17 in the top 40 market makers 2015 and in the IAM Strategy 300.
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James Maccoun
Patent counsel

James Maccoun is a patent counsel at Google’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, engaging in strategic patent licensing and patent strategy. Previously, he was a patent counsel at Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Palo Alto headquarters. Before HP, he was a patent counsel for Motorola’s Beijing office, where he was the lead attorney for IP matters in Greater China.

Google was in the top five US patent recipients in 2016 – while Mr Maccoun was with HP and Motorola, both achieved the same distinction.

Mr Maccoun started practising law with Lee and Li, a leading international commercial law firm headquartered in Taipei. He is a member of the California State Bar and a registered patent attorney. He is fluent in Mandarin and speaks elementary Korean. His first exposure to Chinese law was in 1984 on a law study programme at Peking University and Fudan University.

Kyunghwa Min_84x84.jpg
Kyung Hwa Min
Head, IP centre
LG Chem
Kyung-Hwa Min is an attorney at law in Seoul, Korea and California, United States. He leads LG Chem’s IP centre, having previously worked for two years in the legal/compliance team at LG Corporation. LG Chem’s IP centre is tasked with handling all IP issues, including patent litigation, licensing and patent filing and analysis, providing in-house IP services to many of the company’s business departments. Before joining LG Group, Mr Min worked as a judge for eight years at the Korean district courts, dealing with various cases involving IP matters. He studied nuclear engineering at Seoul National University and worked for 18 months at the Korean Intellectual Property Office after graduating.
Art Monk Image.jpg
Art Monk
Vice president, patent transactions
Art Monk has been responsible for facilitating high-value patent divestment and procurement transactions involving clients in Japan, the United States, Taiwan, China and Europe. His unique contribution to the buy-side and sell-side engagements that he oversees is the range of international contacts he has and the breadth of deals he has made for TechInsights clients.
Man-Gi Paik_Picture_85x85.jpg
Man-Gi Paik
Korean Association for Intellectual Property Service
Man-Gi Paik is chairman of the Korean Association for Intellectual Property Services. He graduated with a bachelor of science in electronic engineering from Seoul National University. He further obtained a master's in business administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. He started his career at the Korean Industrial Property Office (KIPO) in 1978 as a patent examiner in the electronics field. During his 21-year career as a civil servant, he was appointed to a number of key positions in KIPO as well as in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. He joined Kim & Chang, the largest law firm in Korea, in 1999 as a senior member of the IP practice group. Since 2013, he has served as a member of the policy advisory board to the commissioner of KIPO.
Changhae Park.jpg
Changhae Park
Vice president, IP monetisation
NXP Semiconductors
Changhae Park is vice president of IP monetisation at NXP Semiconductors, NV based in Austin. He manages all aspects of IP monetisation business processes including the identification of monetisation opportunities, reverse engineering, the preparation of claim charts, technical reviews with potential licensees and IP purchasers, negotiations of agreement terms and conditions and litigations in various venues. Before the merger with NXP he served as chief IP officer at Freescale Semiconductors and oversaw the IP creation process as well as the IP licensing business.

Mr Park entered the semiconductor industry as a researcher and engineer and has an extensive technical background. He held several technical and managerial positions at Cypress semiconductor and Motorola’s semiconductor sector before completing his MBA programme and becoming the head of an R&D organisation at Motorola. His career in IP monetisation started while he was running the R&D organisation and was primarily focused on technology transfer and licensing.
Grant Philpott_photo.jpg
Grant Philpott
Principal director, information and communications technology
European Patent Office
Grant Philpott has been principal director in the search and examination area of the European Patent Office (EPO) since March 2012. He manages the information and communications technology (ICT) operational unit comprising over 750 highly qualified patent examiners based in The Hague and Munich. Before 2012 Mr Philpott was responsible for the EPO’s semiconductor patenting directorate in Munich. During his 27 years at the EPO he has worked across a broad range of technical fields including mechanics and industrial chemistry, as a committee member of the European Qualifying Exam for patent attorneys, in the EPO’s controlling office and for several automation projects. Before joining the EPO Mr Philpott spent several years as director of the Brazilian subsidiary of a German electrical components manufacturer and as an engineering officer in the British Army. He holds an engineering degree from Cambridge University.
Robert Parker.jpg
Robert Parker
Rothwell Figg
Robert P Parker is a partner at Rothwell Figg, an IP firm in Washington, DC. Mr Parker’s practice focuses on complex civil matters involving technology, regulatory and commercial issues. He represents international clients in intellectual property and other civil cases in federal district courts and at the US International Trade Commission, the US Court of International Trade and various US administrative agencies. He also represents clients in international and domestic arbitrations. An experienced appellate lawyer, Mr Parker has represented clients before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and seven of the regional US Courts of Appeals. He has also played a leading role in prominent internal investigations for clients addressing regulatory and compliance issues. Before joining Rothwell Figg, Mr Parker was, among other things, a partner for 14 years at a global law firm and counsel to the chairman of the International Trade Commission.
Jacob Schindler-84x84px.jpg
Jacob Schindler
Asia editor
Jacob Schindler is the Asia editor of IAM. He has been based in Hong Kong for five years, working in a number of editorial and research roles covering intellectual property. He previously worked as a reporter for IAM and World Trademark Review.
Kevin Scott.jpg
Kevin Scott
Principal licensing counsel
Kevin Scott is a principal licensing counsel at Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, where he licenses Philips’ patents to third parties in areas including telecommunications and consumer electronics. He has been extensively involved in licensing technologies related to standards, including the universal mobile telecommunications system and long-term evolution standards, and has acted as licensing agent for the digital audio broadcasting patent pool since 2002. Before joining the IP field in 1997, Mr Scott worked at Philips Research Laboratories in the creation of computer simulation programs.

Mr Scott has a degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University, a PhD in electrical engineering from University College London and qualifications as a chartered patent attorney and European patent attorney. He is a council member of the IP Federation and leader of the fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing and standards issues working group of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Exploitation Committee.
Charles Suh
Charles H Suh practises utility and design patent litigation before US district courts and the US International Trade Commission (ITC). He has served as lead counsel and participates in every aspect of district court and ITC litigation and inter partes review proceedings at the US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board. As a fluent Korean speaker, Mr Suh focuses on IP matters involving Korean companies and is experienced in Korea-specific litigation tasks. He also has significant experience in patent portfolio management, preparation of patentability, validity and infringement opinions and preparation and prosecution of patent applications relating to technical areas such as semiconductor fabrication and packaging, electronics, computer hardware and software and military tactical systems.
scot head shot.jpg
Scott Taylor
Assistant vice president, intellectual property
Scott Taylor is assistant vice president of intellectual property at AT&T, based in Dallas. AT&T is a global leader in telecommunications, media and technology. His team is responsible for IP licensing and sales, which include patents, technology and trademarks. He has over 20 years of progressive management experience in various operational areas. These diverse operational areas range from transmission technical support, network reliability standards and call centre leadership. He has spent the last 10 years in the IP arena handling operational items as well as doing patent development before moving into leading an IP licensing and sales team.
Mr Taylor received his BS in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University in 1993 and his MBA in international business from the Mercer University in 1998.
Sven Torringer, 2017.jpg
Sven Törringer
Senior legal counsel
Sven Torringer is senior legal counsel at Ericsson, providing legal support to Ericsson’s global IP rights and licensing department. Now based in Hong Kong, he is focusing on Ericsson’s legal IP rights support in Asia. His expertise is in licensing and he works with a wide range of legal, regulatory and policy issues on an international level. Before joining Ericsson, Mr Torringer was in private practice advising clients on M&A and intellectual property in private and public transactions. With more than 30 years’ experience as a leading contributor to open standards and over 39,000 granted patents, Ericsson has emerged as holding one of the industry’s strongest IP portfolios, covering 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G cellular standards.

Mr Torringer received his LLM from Lund University, Sweden, and has studied at the University of Nagoya, Japan.