About IPBC Shenzhen

IPBC Shenzhen will be a fully bilingual, one-day event with simultaneous Chinese-English translations (and vice versa, where relevant). It will be held at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen on April 20 2018. 

Designed specifically for companies and research institutions based in, or operating in China, IPBC Shenzhen will take the core themes of IP value creation and strategic corporate IP management and discuss these within both the local and international context. This year’s programme will have a particular emphasis on developing innovation-based growth.

The speaking faculty will comprise thought leaders from domestic and international companies, as well as members of the investment and regulatory community. Sessions will provide attendees with best-practice advice, as well as outlining the international opportunities, challenges and pitfalls that they face. 

As with all IPBC events, particular focus is attached to the networking aspect of the event, and the breaks, lunch and cocktail reception will be structured with this in mind to allow senior IP managers to come together to discuss key issues and challenges in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.


Delegate profile

IAM’s recent events in China have been phenomenal successes, with over 200 delegates attending both the 2017 and 2015 events. These included representatives from leading domestic companies, international corporations, research institutions and government bodies. 

As an invitation-based event, IPBC Shenzhen’s audience will be focused on two key groups: chief IP officers, heads of intellectual property or their equivalents at local enterprises and research institutions; and their counterparts at major multinationals. Alongside these corporate attendees will be a small, select group of leading executives from the broader IP value creation community, including IP investors, intermediaries, regulators and service providers. 

To guarantee a variety of outlooks and experiences, we employ strict sector quotas for intermediaries, private practice lawyers/attorneys and service provider representatives. Once we hit a quota limit, we are unable to offer a place at the event to those from the relevant sector seeking to register for the event. This ensures that the event remains focused on our key attendees – senior executives at IP-owning companies and research institutions.

About IPBC

Since it was launched in Amsterdam in 2008, IPBC has become established as the world’s principal forum for senior thought leaders who specialise in the business of intellectual property, giving them a place to come together and discuss cutting-edge issues around IP value creation. With intellectual property continuing to move further up the corporate, investment and policy agendas, this focus is more relevant than ever before. 

People attend IPBC events because they are unique in four important ways:

  • They focus solely on intellectual property as a business asset and how best it can be managed to extract maximum value.
  • IAM is exceptionally placed to assemble an outstanding set of speakers and delegates who bring experience, knowledge and insight to the issues that truly matter to senior IP decision makers.
  • Limited delegate numbers, strictly enforced occupation quotas and carefully designed sessions mean that the events uniquely combine world-class IP business expertise with outstanding networking opportunities in an intimate and informal atmosphere.
  • The IPBC format works because it brings together the most senior representatives from across the IP industry not just to discuss IP business, but also to do deals.


The Host 

IAM is universally acknowledged as the world’s leading IP business information provider. It was launched in July 2003 to address the ways in which businesses and other entities can maximise the value of their intellectual property and other intangibles, and to examine the strategies that they can employ to do this. IAM is unique because it treats intellectual property as a business asset and tool, rather than simply as a legal right. With this unequalled appeal to the boardroom, IAM has firmly established itself as the only IP publication that many senior corporate executives read regularly.



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