IPBC Shenzhen 2018 will bring together contributions from some of the foremost thought leaders from major international and domestic IP owners plus industry regulators and disruptors. For information about speaking and participation options, please contact Bing Zhao on bzhao@GlobeBMG.com

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Robert Braun
Head, smartphone licensing
Robert Braun leads the mobile devices licensing programme for the patent business at Nokia. With more than 100 licensees, Nokia has one of the industry’s broadest and strongest IP portfolios – reporting around €1.6 billion in patent and brand licensing revenue in 2017.

Mr Braun joined Nokia in 2014 as head of licensing for the United States and Americas before assuming his present role in 2017. He has almost 30 years’ experience in patent licensing, having previously worked in related roles for Discovision, Intellectual Ventures and Microsoft.

Mr Braun has an undergraduate degree in computer science from Clarkson University and a JD from Syracuse University School of Law. He is a registered US patent attorney licensed to practise in California, Washington DC and New York and has taught licensing at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and spoken at various events, including the California State Bar conference.
Lijuan Cao.jpg
Lijuan Cao
Manager, IP and legal
Joseph Chang_84x84.jpg
Joseph Chang
Founder and CEO
Faith Intellectual Assets
Joseph Chang is the founder and CEO of FAITH Intellectual Assets Corporation.
Before establishing FAITH, Mr Chang was general manager of Transpacific IP Taiwan, one of the largest and oldest IP monetisation companies in Asia. He was involved in the ‘golden era’ of patent transactions, when the very first Asian patent auction platforms and university-enterprise patent collaboration programmes took place. He witnessed more than 100 Asian companies’ first patent transaction deals and experienced how the America Invents Act affected the IP economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr Chang’s extensive business network in Greater China and Asia is an asset to the firm and his thorough understanding of IP demand and growing IP trends in China benefits clients in all kinds of IP strategy and decision making.

Mr Chang is chief adviser to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Raymond Chen.jpg
Raymond Chen
Director, intellectual property
Raymond Chen, director of IP at Didi Chuxing, earned his bachelor’s degrees in automotive engineering and automation from Tsinghua University, his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Delaware and his JD from George Washington University. Dr Chen is licensed to practise law in Virginia and the District of Columbia and is a licensed patent attorney before the US Patent and Trademark Office. Before joining Didi Chuxing, Dr Chen was a senior IP counsel at Faraday&Future Inc, an attorney at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, a patent agent at Leydig Voit & Mayer and a biomedical engineer at Radiology Imaging Associates.
Shirley Chan.jpg
Shirley Chen
Director, intellectual property
With a double educational background in science and engineering and law, Shirley Chen is in charge of Lenovo Group’s patent business in China. She took the lead in establishing and improving Lenovo’s patent management system in China and monitored and participated in several acquisitions and integrations of outbound patents and business. Under her guidance, Lenovo’s IP team has repeatedly been recognised among IAM’s China IP Champions and Asia IP Elite. Ms Chen herself has also received numerous awards for her work in the IP field, including being named Annual Advanced Individual of IP Work in Enterprises by the State Intellectual Property Office. She has been invited to speak on behalf of Chinese enterprises by the World Intellectual Property Organisation on several occasions.

Ms Chen is also an off-campus mentor for postgraduate students at Beijing Technology and Business University and the University of Science and Technology, Beijing.
Sylar Fan.jpg
Sylar Fan
Legal and IP senior director
Sylar Fan is senior director of the legal and IP department at Ninebot. He led a team to file and defend the USITC-337 investigation regarding the self-balance scooter and was granted a general exclusion order.
He also led a team in filing a complaint against a counterfeit product in China.
Previously, Mr Fan was a patent staff engineer at Lenovo.
Mr Fan’s responsibilities include IP prosecution, IP strategy and patent lifecycle management. He has an MSc in information and communication engineering from the University of Leicester.
Jing He
AnJie Law Firm
Jing He is a specialised legal practitioner with nearly 20 years’ experience in Chinese IP practice. He offers effective, innovative and multi-dimensional solutions to challenges facing his clients in China and overseas. A number of his cases have been listed as notable IP cases by Chinese judicial authorities. Major industrial associations often consult with Mr He on China-related legal and policy matters.

Mr He is currently the co-chair of the China Global Advisory Council at the International Trademark Association, and an appointed adviser for the LLM programme at both Peking University and Tsinghua University School of Law.

Mr He is admitted to practise law in China and the State Bar of California. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with his JD in 2000, after obtaining his LLB and BSc from Peking University in 1997.
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Bingo Hu
IP and legal director
Bingo Hu is IP and legal director at Sangfor Technologies. Over the past 10 years, he has also worked for Tencent, Xiaomi and OnePlus. In addition to his legal and IP work, Mr Hu is interested in product design and technical matters. Mr Hu has filed more than 50 patent applications and has been granted 19 granted patents globally.
Richard Huang.jpg
Richard Huang
ZY Partners
Xiaolin (Richard) Huang has practised patent law for over 22 years and has outstanding knowledge and experience and an esteemed reputation in all patent-related matters. Mr Huang specialises in patent prosecution, patent invalidation proceedings, patent infringement litigation, freedom-to-operate analysis, licensing, patent drafting and client counselling with a focus on technologies relating to computer science, telecoms and information technology, software, electronics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, medical devices, physics and energies. He is experienced in patent prosecution, having prosecuted over 13,000 cases in China.

Mr Huang has BS and MS degrees in nuclear physics from Peking University. After graduating, he worked for three years at the China Institute of Atomic Energy as a research scientist. Mr Huang qualified as a patent attorney in 1996 and as an attorney at law in 1998. He was listed as an outstanding lawyer for patent prosecution in China by the IAM Patent 1000 in 2016 and 2017.
Rui Huang.png
Ryan Huang
Senior patent counsel
Ryan Huang is a senior patent counsel for the Intel patent group. Intel is a leading semiconductor company and one of the top foreign applicants before the State Intellectual Property Office. Intel’s patent group maintains a large and diverse patent portfolio which extends across the globe and covers areas such as semiconductor architecture, 5G communication, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

Mr Huang handles almost all patent-related matters in China for Intel, including patent prosecution, patent analysis, patent usage and portfolio shaping. Before joining the Intel patent group in 2016, he spent more than six years as a member of Siemens’s patent team, where he handled many patent licensing and transactional projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Before that, Mr Huang was an in-house patent attorney for a Swiss multinational.
John LaBarre.jpg
John Labarre
Head, patent transactions
John Labarre is head of Google's patent transactions team. As a leading provider of various technologies relating to search, artificial intelligence, networking and computing, Google maintains a large, diverse patent portfolio overseen by its patent group. The patent transactions teams is involved with nearly all inbound, outbound and cross-licensing deals for Google as well as divestitures and strategic acquisitions.
Before joining Google's transactions team in November 2014, Mr Labarre was a member of Google's patent litigation team for five-and-a-half years where he helped defend the company from a large number of patent cases including various matters that went to trial. Before joining Google in 2009, Mr Labarre was a patent litigator in the New York office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.
Dylan Lee (Huawei).jpg
Dylan Lee
Deputy director, licensing and transactions
Dylan Lee leads a team in the IP investment and transactions department of Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd. His work includes patent purchase, sales, investment, patent alliance and consortium activities. He is also heavily involved in Huawei’s IP strategy, licensing, litigation, disputes, structuring and policy matters.

Mr Lee leads his team in providing legal and IP advice to all capital investment projects at Huawei, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital and divestures. This role makes him a key member of the company’s legal team.

Mr Lee joined Huawei in 2005 after earning his LLM from the University of Sheffield.
Xiaojing Li.jpg
Xiaojing Li
Senior manager
Xiaojing Lee obtained her bachelor’s in computer science from Shanxi University and her master’s in IP from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She is a qualified patent agent and is adept at handling patent applications and layout with regard to computer science and telecoms. Further, Ms Lee is skilled in trademark management, layout and litigation in China and abroad. She now works in the IP department of Coolpad Group as a senior IP manager, mainly in charge of patents and trademarks. She is familiar with Chinese and US patent and trademark law and practice.
Steven Liu.JPG
Steven Liu
Director, intellectual property
Steven Liu joined MediaTek in 2014 as director of the IP Division, responsible for all aspects of intellectual property. MediaTek’s achievements under Mr Liu’s leadership are well recognised, including being awarded the Top 100 Global Innovators for the third consecutive year in 2016 by Thomson Reuters (now Clarivate).

Before MediaTek, Mr Liu spent over 10 years at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd in various roles in the legal and IP fields. Before moving to Taiwan, he practised patent litigation in the New York office of Fish & Neave.

Mr Liu is co-chair of the IP committee at the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association and speaks frequently on IP issues.

Mr Liu received his JD from George Washington University Law School and his BA from Columbia University. He is a member of the New York Bar and is registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office as a patent attorney.
Jian Ma.png
Jian Ma
Senior director, IPG patents, China
Jian Ma leads Microsoft’s patent team in Beijing, which is responsible for patent-related matters in China from invention generation to patent licensing and other strategic undertakings.

Dr Ma joined Microsoft (Redmond campus) several years ago from Intellectual Ventures, having previously worked at Qualcomm in San Diego.
Leo Tang 1.jpg
Leo Tang
Clyde & Co Westlink JLV
Leo Tang is a qualified and licensed Chinese patent attorney and lawyer with more than 17 years' experience in patent prosecution and enforcement. He specialises in patent prosecution, patent civil litigation, patent administrative litigation, administrative enforcement, customs protection, freedom-to-operate analysis, patent mapping and national patent protection strategies.

Mr Tang’s key industry sectors include electronics, electric engineering, auto-control technologies, optical fibre telecoms, computer science and information technology, computer software, wireless and network telecoms, semiconductor technology, automation and mechanical.
Sven Torringer, 2017.jpg
Sven Törringer
Senior legal counsel
Sven Torringer is senior legal counsel at Ericsson, providing legal support to Ericsson’s global IP rights and licensing department. Now based in Hong Kong, he is focusing on Ericsson’s legal IP rights support in Asia. His expertise is in licensing and he works with a wide range of legal, regulatory and policy issues on an international level. Before joining Ericsson, Mr Torringer was in private practice advising clients on M&A and intellectual property in private and public transactions. With more than 30 years’ experience as a leading contributor to open standards and over 39,000 granted patents, Ericsson has emerged as holding one of the industry’s strongest IP portfolios, covering 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G cellular standards.

Mr Torringer received his LLM from Lund University, Sweden, and has studied at the University of Nagoya, Japan.
Marcus Woo.JPG
Marcus Woo
Vice president and general counsel
Marcus Woo is vice president and general counsel of HTC Corporation. From 2010 until joining HTC in October 2014, he was vice president and general counsel of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. Mr Woo has over 20 years’ experience in private practice at several international law firms in New York, Taipei and Beijing. Early in his career, he served as an assistant district attorney in New York City.

Mr Woo’s private practice focused on cross-border litigation, M&A, intellectual property, licensing and corporate and commercial matters, representing numerous multinational companies from a variety of industries.

Mr Woo is admitted to practise law in New York and New Jersey. He obtained a BA from Oberlin College and a JD from Indiana University Bloomington. He speaks fluent Chinese and English.
Wang Ningling - 1000x1000.jpg
Ningling Wang
Managing partner, Shanghai office
Ningling Wang is managing partner of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP’s Shanghai office. Her practice involves patent prosecution, opinions, due diligence, client counselling, licensing and patent litigation in the areas of chemicals, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, semiconductor materials, 3D printing and nanotechnology.

Ms Wang has extensive experience working with multinational and Chinese companies, providing legal advice on IP portfolio management, due diligence, licensing, litigation and trade secret protection and enforcement. She has been involved in various cases before the US International Trade Commission and the US district courts and has represented foreign companies in IP enforcement in China, including judicial and customs enforcement actions.

Ms Wang has been recognised by IAM as a leader in patent prosecution and patent transactions in China and she has been listed in the IAM Strategy 300. In addition, World IP Review has named her a leader for patents in China.
Vince Wang1.jpg
Vince Wang
Executive vice president
FAITH Intellectual Assets
Vince Wang is executive vice president of Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation (FIA), deploying IP experts involved with advanced global patent practices. FIA offers strategic patent solutions – including patent transactions, portfolio development and patent monetisation – to local clients in Asia.

Mr Wang joined smartphone pioneer HTC Corporation in 2006, when the company was beginning to expand into the global market with its own branded mobile products. He was involved in more than 250 patent litigations in multiple jurisdictions, handled patent licence matters from HTC’s headquarters in Taiwan and helped to shape its patent portfolio development and investment strategy.

Mr Wang earned his LLM from the National Chengchi University with his thesis “A Study of Injunctive Relief and Standard-Essential Patent Infringement”. He also has a master’s in IP law from the University of New Hampshire School of Law and a master of science from the National Taiwan University.
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Zhongli Zhang
IP director
Zhongli Zhang is director of the IP department at Hisense Group. Hisense is a state-owned enterprise with two publicly traded subsidiaries.

Mr Zhang is responsible for the management and oversight of all Hisense’s IP rights. He has handled hundreds of IP disputes on its behalf, many of which have been influential.

Mr Zhang is also an adjunct professor at Chongqing IP College.