Video testimonials

Arshad Jamil, Global head, IP rights of Biocon – IPBC Asia 2017

Mingyan Sun, Head of IP of Midea – IPBC Asia 2017

SK Murthy, Patent counsel of Intel India – IPBC Asia 2017

Takao Saito, Chief IP specialist of Panasonic – IPBC Asia 2017

Vikran Duangmanee, IP manager of SCG Chemicals – IPBC Asia 2017

Lillian Shaked, Shaked Law Offices & Co, IPBC Asia 2016

Xiaochen Yu, Huazhizhongchuang Investment & Management Co Ltd, IPBC Asia 2016

Eric Damon, Director, IP licensing, Asia Pacific, IBM, IPBC Asia 2016

Guang Hou, Liu, Shen & Associates, IPBC Asia 2016

John Landells, FB Rice, IPBC Asia 2016

Sam Goel, TT Consultants, IPBC Asia 2016

Steven Hill, Hill Kertscher & Wharton, IPBC Asia 2016

Treenuch Amorntrakul, SCG Chemicals Co Ltd, IPBC Asia 2016


“These are great conferences.”
Ira Blumberg, Vice president of intellectual property, Lenovo

"IPBC Asia has provided a great opportunity for Google to introduce some of our licensing initiatives. It attracts a great cross-section of companies… It’s great to see a lot of colleagues who would otherwise be hard to visit 
in Asia – to see them all in one place at IPBC is fantastic.”
Kirk Dailey, 
President, Innovius; Former Head of Patent Transactions, Google

“A great networking event for CIPOs.”
Jon Harwood, Group IP manager, Fisher & Paykel HealthcareLimited

“It has been a really great experience. The uniqueness of this conference is the attendance. There is a variety of companies, from large to small; professionals who are really at the top of their game in the IP field…”
Ben Wang, Former Head of patents, China, Unilever 

“This conference provides an amazing opportunity for networking.”
Xinming Wan, Chief engineer of open innovation centre, R&D, Haier 

It’s nice to have different parts of the ecosystem all in one place at one time, discussing whatever the latest issues are. I find it very energising and engaging.
Micky Minhas, Chief patent counsel, Microsoft

“Meeting the number of people doing very similar things, sharing similar problems, all striving to extract value out of intellectual property in whatever shape or form – learning from their difficulties and recognising similarities – has been excellent.”
Christine Emmanuel, Executive manager, IP and investment portfolio, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation

“These conferences are clearly top-shelf IP forums and I plan to attend as many as I am able to.”
Joseph M Sommer, Vice president of intellectual property, AT&T Inc

“If you are thinking of coming to an IP event, this is the one to attend.”
Brian Hinman, Former chief IP officer, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

“IPBC is an opportunity to meet other leaders in the IP field, strategists and alike; IPBC is part of my events calendar every single year.”
Bruce Schelkopf, Chief IP officer, ABB

“An astonishingly high participation of IP practitioners. In one event, a global IP who’s who.”
Ciarán McGinley, Principal director, patent administration, European Patent Office

“We love IPBC conferences.  The networking is truly amazing due to the strong attendance from companies across the globe.” 
Jun Qui, Partner, Liu Shen & Associates

“IPBC is the place to make business connections across the IP ecosystem, as well as reconnect with partners and friends.  The program always includes thought leaders addressing the latest IP issues around the world.  IPBC is the place to be!”
Judy Yee, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft

“IPBC Asia is consistently one of the best attended events by key IP influencers in Asia, and increasingly worldwide. IAM always combines discussions on trending topics with state-of-the-art venue. For those who are looking to understand more about IP happenings in the Asia region, this is a can’t miss event.”
Steven Liu, Director, IP, Mediatek

“This is a can’t-miss event for leading companies to have great networking and exchange IP management ideas.”
Wilaiporn Chetanachan, Principal Innovation Advisor, SCG

“IPBC Asia 2018 had it all; carefully selected commercial IP topics, the right people and the right atmosphere. The twist towards strategic use of IP makes this event stand out as a leading conference.”
Henrik Olsson, Head, Strategy, AWA

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