• Thursday, November 30, 2017
    08:15  -  09:00
    Registration and morning coffee
    09:00  -  09:15
    09:15  -  10:15
    Maximising corporate IP value
    With intellectual property now recognised as a vital business asset, it is essential that IP owners ensure that they follow best practices in IP management. This session will focus on the experiences of both regional and overseas companies to explore the various ways in which this can be done.

    • Inside leading IP companies

    • Integrating intellectual property into overall corporate strategy

    • Local policy developments and implications

    10:15  -  10:45
    Networking break
    10:45  -  11:45
    Beyond patents: crafting a comprehensive IP strategy
    Intellectual property is a tool for all companies, not just those on the cutting edge of high technology. Patents are just one component of a full-circle approach to intellectual property. This session looks at best practices for managing trade secrets, trademarks and other valuable intellectual assets across a wide swathe of industries.

    • Brand-building for global expansion

    • Identifying and protecting your trade secrets

    • No silos – ensuring an integrated approach to IP strategy

    11:45  -  12:15
    Networking break
    12:15  -  13:15
    IP risk management
    The Asia-Pacific IP environment is developing rapidly and companies in New Zealand and Australia need to ride this wave to avoid getting into serious trouble. This session discusses why now, more than ever, it is vital for companies to have robust IP risk mitigation and value creation strategies.

    • Highlighting portfolio weaknesses and strengths

    • Harnessing internal management and data systems

    • Working proactively with outside advisers

    13:15  -  14:30
    14:30  -  15:30
    Leveraging IP for start-up and SME success
    While multinational corporates use intellectual property to further business strategies and cash in on assets, what does intellectual property mean for inventors and smaller businesses in the region, and what options are available for leveraging it to raise capital, open markets and drive business growth?

    • Venture capital – intellectual property’s role in making investment decisions

    • Intellectual property as a driving factor in incubation and joint ventures

    • Identifying external partners and investors that can take innovation to market

    15:30  -  16:00
    Networking break
    16:00  -  17:00
    Commercialisation success stories
    Not every brilliant invention becomes a best-selling product. The process of transforming a technology breakthrough to a commercial success requires close coordination between researchers, business units and IP strategists.

    • Working across departments to identify commercially promising ideas

    • Taking innovations to market – dos and don’ts

    • Using intellectual property to power broader business collaboration

    17:00  -  18:30
    Cocktail reception