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IPBC Australasia 2016 was a phenomenal success, with over 160 delegates from leading domestic companies, international corporations, research institutions and government bodies in attendance. The 2017 event will build upon this unique gathering.

As an invitation-based event, IPBC Australasia’s audience will be focused on two key groups: chief IP officers, heads of intellectual property or their equivalents at major regional enterprises and research institutions; and their counterparts at major multinationals. Alongside these corporate attendees will be a small, select group of leading executives from the broader IP value creation community, including IP investors, intermediaries, regulators and service providers.

To guarantee a variety of outlooks and experiences, we employ strict sector quotas for intermediaries, private practice lawyers/attorneys and service provider representatives.

Once we hit a quota limit, we are unable to offer a place at IPBC Australasia to those from the relevant sector seeking to register for the event. This ensures that the event remains focused on our key attendees – senior executives at IP-owning companies.


 IPBC Australasia 2016 Past Delegates

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