IPBC Europe 2018


    8:00 am  -  9:00 am
    Day 1: Registration and networking
    9:00 am  -  9:15 am
    Welcome address
    9:15 am  -  9:45 am
    Opening keynote address

    Turning the ship around: An inside view on the challenges faced when creating an IP focus.

    Keynote Speaker:
    9:45 am  -  11:00 am
    Building a 21st century in-house IP function

    The growing importance of intellectual property in overall business planning in European companies puts greater emphasis than ever on the performance of in-house teams.

    • What does a brilliant in-house IP function look like?
    • How to benchmark performance and set effective key performance indicators
    • Different approaches in different industries and for different company sizes
    11:00 am  -  11:40 am
    Networking break
    11:40 am  -  12:40 pm
    Reducing costs: when to expand in-house functions

    A growing IP function may reduce the need to instruct third-party advisers. To do this effectively corporate IP managers must have a clear idea of what to bring in-house, as well as how and why.

    • What should outside advisers be used for and what can be brought in-house?
    • Where to find pivot points and quick wins
    • How to manage costs and get the best price
    12:40 pm  -  2:00 pm
    Lunch and networking break
    2:00 pm  -  3:00 pm
    What can you protect?

    Major differences in patent eligibility are emerging in key technology areas in Europe, the United States and Asia. To plan effective protection strategies, European corporate IP managers must understand what these are.

    • Identify the key technologies affected
    • Understand how the approach in Europe differs to that in the United States and Asia
    • Build a high-quality, enforceable international portfolio
    3:00 pm  -  4:00 pm
    Major developments in the United States and China

    An overview of the new legislation and major court decisions that senior IP managers inside European companies should consider when developing strategies for the United States and China.

    • Understanding the inter partes review process at the US Patent and Trademark Office
    • Looking inside China’s IP revolution
    • Building an IP strategy to manage change
    4:00 pm  -  4:30 pm
    Afternoon networking break
    4:30 pm  -  5:30 pm
    Building an effective pan-European IP litigation strategy

    Patent litigation is growing in Europe and big changes are potentially on the way. It is vital to understand what is going on if you are to enforce your patents effectively.

    • Preparing for the Unified Patent Court
    • Understanding jurisdictional differences in Europe – when to choose one location over another and the key differences to be aware of
    • Will US-style patent trolls head to Europe?
    5:30 pm  -  6:30 pm
    Networking drinks reception
    8:30 am  -  9:15 am
    Day 2: Morning coffee and refreshments
    9:15 am  -  10:00 am
    Understanding IP insurance

    Although there are a growing number of IP insurance products on offer in Europe, finding the right one at a cost-effective price is a challenge.

    • What insurance options are available and who is providing them?
    • How flexible is IP insurance and what does it actually cover?
    • How to creating bespoke insurance solutions
    10:00 am  -  11:15 am
    Leveraging your IP portfolio

    Traditionally, intellectual property has been deployed defensively in Europe to secure freedom to operate. But it can be used to do so much more.

    • Using patents to drive collaborative deals
    • Understanding IP-backed security and financing options
    • Getting the best deal possible for the business
    11:15 am  -  11:45 am
    Morning networking break
    11:45 am  -  12:45 pm
    Inside IP transactions

    Owning intellectual property gives you the ability to monetise assets through sale or licence –the challenge is to do it right.

    • When to license, when to sell
    • Top transaction tips
    • Key issues in FRAND and licensing standard-essential patents
    12:45 pm  -  1:15 pm
    Are we fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
    • Can the patent system, with its long timescales, serve innovators in 4IR? The patent system already adapted to software innovation, but 4IR poses new challenges.
    • Artificial intelligence means that for the first time machines are replacing not just human physical effort but high-end intellectual effort too on an industrial scale.
    • EPO analysis shows that patent applications in 4IR technologies are increasing over seven times faster than the norm across a broad range of application fields. This boom shows how quickly change is happening and how significant it will be for the whole of society.
    • Connected objects are everywhere, with sensors gathering and sharing masses of “big data” which is interpreted by AI and acted upon by machines without human intervention. How should applicants, attorneys and patent offices respond?
    1:15 pm  -  2:30 pm
    Networking lunch and close