With contributions from some of the foremost IP thought leaders from the jurisdiction, alongside international experts, and case studies presented by those working at the cutting edge of IP value creation, IPBC India 2018 will offer attendees an invaluable chance to gain insights about global best practices.

The 2018 provisional programme is as follows:

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2018
    09:15  -  10:00
    10:00  -  11:00
    What success looks like

    Building a successful corporate IP function requires both generating quality intellectual property and communicating its value throughout the business. Leading Indian companies and their multinational peers share lessons from every stage of their organisation’s growth.

    • Quantifying benefits of a good IP strategy
    • IP benchmarking for Indian tech companies
    • Creating and resourcing an effective in-house IP organisation
    11:00  -  11:30
    Networking break
    11:30  -  12:30
    Integrated IP strategy

    Patents are just one component of a full-circle approach to intellectual property. This session looks at effective strategies for managing trade secrets, trademarks and other valuable intellectual assets across a wide swathe of industries.

    • Brand protection in South Asia and beyond
    • Identifying and protecting your trade secrets
    • Ensuring an integrated approach to IP strategy
    12:30  -  12:45
    Networking break
    12:45  -  13:45
    India at the centre of global FRAND discussion

    The area of FRAND and SEPs is developing rapidly, and India has emerged as one of the key sources of jurisprudence in this arena following a number of high-profile cases in the Delhi High Court. This means that Indian corporate IP strategists need to keep abreast of these evelopments and adapt their licensing practices.

    • Recent FRAND policy in India’s courts and regulatory agencies
    • The role of standards in IoT and other growing fields of technology
    • The search for win-win licensing scenarios
    13:45  -  14:45
    14:45  -  15:45
    Know thyself

    The first step for any IP strategist is to understand what is in the portfolio and how it lines up with the company’s research output and corporate goals.

    • Analysing your own portfolio for strengths and weaknesses
    • Understanding how intellectual property aligns with R&D and business objectives
    • Working with outside parties
    15:45  -  16:15
    Networking break
    16:15  -  17:15
    Bringing invention to market

    IP assets are often instrumental in taking innovation out of the laboratory and into consumers’ hands. This session will look at technology commercialisation success stories from inside and outside India.

    • Patents as the key to collaboration, co-development and open innovation
    • Identifying commercialisation opportunities at home and abroad
    • Intellectual property as a driving factor in incubation, spin-outs, joint ventures and M&A