IPBC Japan 2018 will bring together contributions from some of the foremost thought leaders from major domestic and international IP owners plus industry regulators and disruptors. For information about speaking and participation options, please contact Bing Zhao on bzhao@GlobeBMG.com

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Kazuyasu Adachi PANASONIC.PNG
Kazuyasu Adachi
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management
Kazuyasu Adachi is President of Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co, Ltd (PIPM), which provides IP-related services such as patent searches and prosecution and IP licensing and litigation, as well as trademark and design services. Mr Adachi started his career in 1992 at Panasonic Headquarters, where he dealt with a wide range of IP matters. From 2008 to 2014 he worked for Panasonic’s AVC Networks and appliance businesses as a general manager, helping them to grow through IP-related activities. Since 2017 Mr Adachi has leveraged his practical expertise and extensive business experience to lead PIPM’s operational management.
2 Global IP Env - Jeffery Carter photo.jpg
Jeffery Carter
President and chief executive officer
High Tech Solutions
Jeffery L Carter has over 20 years’ experience in the technology analysis and IP industries. Before founding HighTech-Solutions (HTS), he served as a programme manager at Motorola’s semiconductor product sector IP department. Mr Carter was instrumental in reshaping Motorola’s IP department from an overhead department into a profit and loss business.

Mr Carter founded HTS in 2004. HTS offers IP strategy and management services for IP departments that seek to monetise their portfolios. HTS identifies IP assets of value and helps its clients to capitalise fully on the value in their patent portfolios.

Mr Carter received his MS in telecommunications from Southern Methodist University. He earned a graduate certificate in telecommunications management from the University of Dallas and graduated with a BA in Japanese from Brigham Young University. Mr Carter is published in the area of wireless and mobile computing, holds several patent applications and has two issued patents.
Charry Chu
Senior Solution Manager, IP Solutions
Clarivate Analytics
Charry Chu is Senior Solution Manager at Clarivate Analytics. He provides expert scientific and patent analytics consulting to universities, governmental policy organisations and corporations, including electronic, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies. Previously, he worked for a leading pharmaceuticals company in Japan.

Mr Chu has nearly 20 years’ extensive experience in patents and scientific information and over 12 years’ experience in R&D, planning, patent filing and patent matters in the pharmaceuticals industry.
Davis, Larry_GeneralElectric.jpg
Larry Davis
Managing Director, IP innovations
GE Licensing
Larry Davis leads the IP innovations organisation at GE Licensing. He develops and builds technology transfer and patent licensing programmes for monetisation via partnerships and innovative business models, for technologies ranging from electronics and materials to systems and software.

Mr Davis began his career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, developing advanced electro-optical components. After that, he joined networking start-up Ciena as an Engineering Manager for component development in fibre optic systems. Mr Davis then joined Intel as a Senior Engineering Manager. From Intel, Mr Davis moved to GE Licensing. Before assuming his present role, he built the electrical systems platform, driving technology investment, IP acquisition, assertion programme development and negotiations and technology transfer deals around electronics, packaging and hybrid and electric vehicle technologies.

Mr Davis has a BS in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MS and PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Minoru Fujiki.jpg
Minoru Fujiki
Director, corporate planning and IP procurement
IP Bridge
Minoru Fujiki leads IP Bridge’s corporate planning, which includes strategic management and corporate communications. He is also responsible for IP procurement for new licensing programmes. Mr Fujiki has established strong relationships with many Japanese and global operating companies, universities, research institutes, government entities and IP-based business promoters. Before joining IP Bridge in early 2015, Mr Fujiki was head of the licensing group for a telecommunications business at NEC Corporation in Japan, where he led activities in licensing, litigation, sales, purchase and patent disputes. He also launched NEC’s European IP centre in London in 2007, where he considerably enhanced NEC’s global IP portfolio by strategically creating a patent prosecution platform and formulating internal IP regulations for NEC’s R&D entities in Europe. He managed standard-essential patent licensing issues at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance as a delegate from NEC.
Seiji Hamada.JPG
Seiichi Hamada
Senior General Manager, IP Transactions and Enforcement Centre
Seiichi Hamada is Senior General Manager of IP Transactions and the Enforcement Centre at Canon Inc. After graduating from the department of international relations at Ritsumeikan University, Mr Hamada joined Canon Inc in 1992 and has been part of its IP division since then. Mr Hamada has more than 20 years’ patent litigation and licensing experience and oversees all of Canon’s IP litigation, licensing and other transactions, as well as its anti-counterfeiting activities worldwide.
Jim Hines
Director, automotive products, tech intelligence
Jim Hines is a semiconductor industry expert specialising in automotive and smart mobility innovations and Director of Automotive Products and Tech Intelligence at TechInsights. He has advised clients worldwide on semiconductors and related technologies supporting autonomous driving systems, data connectivity in vehicles, human-machine interface and powertrain electrification.
Shoei Imai.jpg
Shoei Imai
Corporate vice president, general manager, IP headquarters
Shoei Imai is Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the IP Headquarters at FUJIFILM Corporation.

Mr Imai began his career in 1981 at Hitachi, Ltd, where he was engaged in patent prosecution work.

In 1989 he joined Nippon Steel Corporation, where he founded the IP team within the electronics department and gained experience in all IP-related matters.

In 1999 Mr Imai moved to Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd. During the period in which FUJIFILM was making significant structural reforms and expanding its business, he was involved in technical negotiations, M&A, contracts, disputes and lawsuits.

In 2013 Mr Imai was promoted to General Manager of the IP legal department and in 2016 he became General Manager of the IP headquarters, responsible for all IP issues in the FUJIFILM Group. In 2017 he was promoted to Corporate Vice President.
YP Jou.jpg
YP Jou
President and CEO
ScienBiziP Japan
YP Jou is founder of the ScienBiziP Group and President of ScienBiziP Japan. ScienBiziP is an IP professional services corporation that was established by key shareholders including Foxconn, Sharp, strategic partners and employees. With offices in Japan, China, Taiwan and the United States, ScienBiziP is a one-stop consultancy that provides a wide range of services, including IP applications, licensing, transactions, litigation and pledging.

Mr Jou is also Chief Managing Partner of Wispro Technology Consulting Corporation, InQuartik Corporation and MiiCs & Partners.

Mr Jou spent 18 years as General Counsel at Hon Hai, where he oversaw the company’s legal, M&A and IP affairs. He was also a Consultant at Haier and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan.
Dave Kaufman.jpg
Dave Kaufman
Director, IP
Dave Kaufman is Director of IP at AT&T, where he leads the company’s strategic IP portfolio development and monetisation efforts. In this role, Mr Kaufman draws from his wide-ranging career experience in bringing technology to market for Fortune 50 enterprises and early-stage companies both in North America and internationally. Before joining AT&T, Mr Kaufman co-founded mobile transportation company RideCell and led marketing for Elastic Networks, taking the company public and later through acquisition. He also served as a VentureLab Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology and led engineering for EMS Technologies, developing communications systems for the aerospace and transportation industries.
Hiroshi Kawana
General Manager, IP
Hiroshi Kawana is General Manager of the IP Department at KDDI Corporation.

Mr Kawana began his career at KDDI Corporation in 1993 and joined the IP department in 2000.

He is responsible for all of the KDDI Group’s IP activities, including IP portfolio development, licensing and litigation. He has 18 years’ experience in IP and is a registered patent attorney in Japan.
Hisashi Kumazaki.jpg
Hisashi Kumazaki
General Manager, IP Strategy and Transactions, IP Division
Hisashi Kumazaki is General Manager of the IP Division at Hitachi, Ltd, where he mainly leads IP strategy and transactions. Since joining Hitachi in 1989, he has been involved in a number of negotiations, contracts and lawsuits in diverse areas of products and services. After serving as Vice President of Hitachi’s US IP operations for three years, Mr Kumazaki returned to the IP Division in 2017. He has an LLB from Tohoku University and an LLM from the University of Illinois College of Law.
Luke McLeroy.png
Luke McLeroy
Vice President, Business Development
Luke McLeroy is an IP attorney with 15 years’ experience negotiating collaborative solutions for patent holders and technology developers. At Avanci, he is committed to ensuring that all participants in the company’s marketplace receive efficient and transparent access to the technology that they need to fuel their devices for the Internet of Things.

Before joining Avanci, Mr McLeroy led Ericsson’s North American patent licensing business. In this role, he helped to develop and license the company’s patent portfolio, analysing and valuing patents in various areas of technology.

Before Ericsson, Mr McLeroy was an associate and then a principal at McKool Smith in Dallas, where he helped to resolve major patent disputes between some of the world’s largest technology companies. He has a BS in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University and a JD from the University of Texas School of Law.
Takehiro Mine.jpg
Takehiro Mine
Vice President, IP Group
Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC
Since joining Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC, Takehiro Mine has been engaged in M&A and alliance strategy planning support by utilising the IP landscape, undertaking IP consulting for major Japanese electronics, automobile and semiconductor manufacturers, providing business strategy planning support and conducting fintech-related due diligence.

He also lectures and undertakes IP-related writing activities. Mr Mine has abundant experience in business and IP analysis of Internet of Things platform companies.

Before joining Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC, Mr Mine worked in the R&D department of a major tyre manufacturer and the IP and business planning department of a major video game maker, where he gained experience in patent applications, research and liaison.

Mr Mine has a master of science in mechanical engineering from Waseda University and is a certified specialist of IP management (patents). He is co-author of Practice of intellectual property due diligence leading to M&A success (third edition).
Fumihiko Moriya.jpg
Fumihiko Moriya
Country manager, Japan
Nokia Technologies

Fumihiko Moriya is country manager for Japan at Nokia Technologies, where he leads patent licensing and related business in the country. Since joining Nokia in 2017, he has worked with companies and authorities on behalf of Nokia’s Patent Business.

From 2006 to 2015, Mr Moriya headed the IP division of Sony Corporation. As vice president and senior general manager, he managed Sony’s global IP strategy, including overseeing IP portfolio management and licensing.

In 2017 Mr Moriya received a distinguished service award from the commissioner of the Japan Patent Office for his work in the IP field. Mr Moriya is also a visiting professor at KIT Toranomon Graduate School.

Ms. Munakata 2018 JPO.jpg
Naoko Munakata
Japan Patent Office
Naoko Munakata became commissioner of the Japan Patent Officer (JPO) in July 2017. She oversees Japan's policy on patents, trademarks and design rights, as well as the JPO’s operations. Before joining the JPO, Ms Munakata spent two years in Prime Minister Abe’s office as executive secretary.

Since entering Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1984, Ms Munakata has worked extensively on trade policy, including the launch of negotiations for Japan's first free trade agreement and its participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, thus contributing to a higher level of trade liberalisation and the establishment of new international rules conducive to innovation. She has also been closely involved in economic cooperation, information technology, the revitalisation of the textile industry and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ms Munakata has an LLB from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Yutaka Nagao 1.jpg
Yutaka Nagao
Vice President, Technology Initiatives and General Manager, Japan
Intertrust Technologies
Yutaka Nagao joined Intertrust Japan in 2009. Based at the company’s headquarters, he plays several key roles in corporate strategy and business development, including leading the patent licensing business for the Japanese market. Before expanding his role to include business development, Mr Nagao was an accomplished engineer and standardisation expert, having made key contributions to the development of the Marlin digital rights management standard. He is a named inventor on several patents and is an expert in software engineering and secure systems. Mr Nagao was part of the team that developed and built Seacert – a subsidiary of Intertrust for public key infrastructure services.

Before joining Intertrust, Mr Nagao developed media distribution systems at Sony and sophisticated IP network systems at NTT. He has a BS in physics and an MS in nuclear physics from Chiba University.
Takahito Nakamura
Managing director and head, corporate innovation consulting department
Nomura Securities
Takahito Nakamura is a managing director and was appointed head of the corporate innovation consulting department at Nomura Securities in April 2017.

From 2015 to 2017 he was based in Bangkok as president of Capital Nomura Securities. Before that, he was manager of Nomura Securities’ Tennoji branch in Osaka from 2013 to 2015, and manager of its Hachioji branch in Tokyo from 2010 to 2013.

Mr Nakamura began his career with Nomura at the company’s Urawa branch in 1990. He then travelled and worked in different parts of Japan, including Niigata, Yonago and Ikebukuro, bringing extensive knowledge to the company's retail business.

He has worked in Nomura’s sales, human resources and retail strategy departments.

Mr Nakamura graduated as a researcher from the Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology at Tokyo University. He also has a bachelor of arts in economics from Keio University.
Tatsuo Nakamura.jpg
Tatsuo Nakamura
Tatsuo Nakamura is the founder and CEO of VALUENEX, Inc, created after spending almost 20 years working as a distinguished consultant and thought leader in Japan's scientific establishments. He was a consultant in the prestigious Mitsubishi Research Institute for over 15 years, specialising in operations research, intellectual property and data mining. He was also an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo and is a teacher at Waseda University.

During his time as a consultant, Dr Nakamura developed the algorithm that became XLUS TechRadar – a panoramic-view analytics and researching tool that provides radar visualisations of patent similarities, which was a dramatic innovation in the IP field. He established VALUENEX as a leader in the IP field with a long list of clients, including more than 50 of Japan’s top companies. In 2014 he opened the VALUENEX office in Menlo Park, California to lead the company’s entry into the US market.
Maki Ohmizu.jpg
Maki Ohmizu
Deputy chief legal officer, intellectual property, legal, compliance and IP unit

Maki Ohmizu is deputy chief legal officer, intellectual property in the legal, compliance and IP unit at Fujitsu Limited, where he leads the IP team in conducting IP strategy, including patent portfolio management, litigation and standards.

Mr Ohmizu started his career in 1989 in the legal division at Fujitsu, where he worked on various patent licensing negotiations and litigation in the field of semiconductors, notably including Fujitsu Limited v Texas Instruments Inc. In 2011 he was appointed as director of the legal department, external relations and strategies at Fujitsu. In 2014 he became deputy head of legal, compliance and intellectual property. He led the company’s initiatives to utilise its IP portfolio through various activities.

Mr Ohmizu graduated from Hokkaido University with a BA in law and received his LLM from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is admitted to practise law in New York.

Kunihiko Shiohara.JPG
Kunihiko Shiohara
Head, Research, Investment Research Division
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
Kunihiko Shiohara joined Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in 2012 after three years as Head of Research at Credit Suisse Japan. He began his career as an Equity Analyst at Nomura Research Institute Ltd in 1989 before moving to Nomura Research Institute Europe Ltd as a Country Analyst for Italy and France. After returning to Tokyo, Mr Shiohara joined ING Barings in 1998 as a Senior Auto Analyst. In 1999 he joined Goldman Sachs Japan as Vice President covering Japan’s auto industry and was made a Managing Director in 2003 and a partner in 2006. He was named the number one auto parts sector analyst in 1998 and number one in the auto sector in 2001 by Institutional Investor magazine and has maintained a top-tier ranking throughout his auto analyst career. From 2006 to 2009 Mr Shiohara was Head of Investment Research for Japan at Goldman Sachs.
Takayuki Sumita.png
Takayuki Sumita
Secretary general
IP Strategy Headquarters Cabinet Office
Mr Sumita took up his current position in July 2017. Since then, he has been responsible for nationwide IP strategy, including national branding and promotion.He was born in 1962, graduated from Tokyo University (1985), the Graduate School for Foreign Service and Georgetown University (1993). After joining the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 1985, he handled various tasks including policy planning and trade negotiation, especially on intellectual property, innovation, IT and FTA.As director of the IP Policy Office at METI, he promoted intellectual assets-based management, encouraging companies to correctly recognise and to utilise their own intangible assets in order to derive maximum value from their business model.

He also served as chairman of the World Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative from 2009 to 2013, where he was closely involved in formulating the new business reporting framework of ‘Integrated Reporting’.
Kazuhiko Takeda
Director, IP promotion division
Japan Patent Office
Minoru Tanaka.jpg
Minoru Tanaka
General manager, IP risk management
Sony Corporation
Minoru Tanaka is General Manager of IP Risk Management at Sony Corporation, where he is responsible for handling Sony’s patent litigation globally. During the last 10 years, he has managed and resolved more than 100 patent litigations in jurisdictions such as the United States (including before the International Trade Commission), Japan, China, Germany and Russia. Since joining Sony in 1995, Mr Tanaka has worked on numerous negotiation matters, including corporation-wide cross-licensing with global major industry players; promotions and licensing of formats developed by Sony (sometimes with outside partners); and acquisitions and divestitures of business units. Mr Tanaka has an LLB from the University of Tokyo and an LLM from Boston University School of Law and is a registered attorney in New York.
Sven Torringer, 2017.jpg
Sven Törringer
Senior legal counsel
Sven Torringer is senior legal counsel at Ericsson, providing legal support to Ericsson’s global IP rights and licensing department. Now based in Hong Kong, he is focusing on Ericsson’s legal IP rights support in Asia. His expertise is in licensing and he works with a wide range of legal, regulatory and policy issues on an international level. Before joining Ericsson, Mr Torringer was in private practice advising clients on M&A and intellectual property in private and public transactions. With more than 30 years’ experience as a leading contributor to open standards and over 39,000 granted patents, Ericsson has emerged as holding one of the industry’s strongest IP portfolios, covering 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G cellular standards.

Mr Torringer received his LLM from Lund University, Sweden, and has studied at the University of Nagoya, Japan.
Steven Weihrouch.png
Steven Weihrouch
Rothwell Figg
Steven Weihrouch is a Partner at Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, PC, an IP firm in Washington, DC. Mr Weihrouch practises patent litigation in US courts and works closely with Japanese, European and US clients. He provides advice and opinions on all aspects of US patent protection and enforcement, including patent validity and infringement issues, redesign, patent prosecution, IP portfolio management, licensing, pre-litigation, post-litigation, litigation avoidance, settlement strategies, International Trade Commission practice and US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) post-grant proceedings.

Mr Weihrouch was previously a Patent Examiner at the USPTO and has extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in a wide range of technologies. He regularly counsels clients on non-infringement, invalidity and inter partes review strategies.
Before joining Rothwell Figg, Mr Weihrouch spent almost 20 years at an internationally known IP firm, including two years as head of its Tokyo office.
Tatsuya Yamamoto.jpg
Tatsuya Yamamoto
Senior Manager, IP Licensing and Legal
Since 1996, Tatsuya Yamamoto has been in charge of IP licensing (negotiation, contracts and litigation), technology transfer and collaboration and IP transactions in M&A at Hitachi. He studied at the University of California, Davis King Hall Law School and worked for Hitachi’s hard disk drive company located in San Jose, California. He joined Hitachi Consumer Electronics in 2013 before moving to Maxell, Ltd in 2014. Mr Yamamoto aims to develop Maxell’s business and R&D through his licensing activities.
Akitoshi Yamanaka
Director, IP
Akitoshi Yamanaka is Director of the IP Division at DENSO Corporation – one of the largest global automobile parts suppliers. Since joining DENSO in 1993, Mr Yamanaka has handled patent prosecutions, clearances and negotiations in the field of semiconductor products and other automobile-related products. From 2000 to 2003, he trained at a patent firm in Germany. Since 2011 Mr Yamanaka has been involved in planning and carrying out company-wide IP strategies at DENSO and, since assuming his present role in 2017, he has led the IP management of the DENSO Group.
Yoshida, Naoki_Photo (300 dpi).jpg
Naoki Yoshida
Naoki Yoshida is managing partner of Finnegan’s Tokyo office. He handles a broad range of IP matters, primarily in electrical and mechanical areas. His practice includes litigation, patent portfolio management, IP due diligence, client counselling, licensing and negotiations, patent prosecution, post-grant proceedings at the US Patent and Trademark Office and pre-litigation strategic counselling. He has represented both domestic and foreign clients in numerous patent infringement actions before US district courts and the US International Trade Commission. Additionally, Mr Yoshida evaluates corporate patent portfolios and conducts M&A IP due diligence for both large and small companies.