• Thursday, April 26, 2018
    09:30  -  10:00
    Welcome address and keynote speech
    10:00  -  11:15
    Corporate IP in Korea and beyond

    Companies of all sizes need agile and capable IP departments. IP business leaders from major global and Korean corporates share their innovative approaches to patent strategy

    • IP strategy in Korean context
    • Patent management pitfalls
    • Building a business-focused IP team
    11:15  -  11:45
    Networking break
    11:45  -  13:00
    The global litigation landscape

    Major court rulings have had a big impact on the US litigation environment. At the same time, patent disputes are becoming more international as plaintiffs become more active in jurisdictions like Germany and China.

    • Trends in US district courts and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
    • Europe becomes a FRAND hotspot
    • Growing interest in Chinese courts
    13:00  -  14:15
    Networking lunch
    14:15  -  15:30
    Licensing in a new era

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution means that there are more players than ever in  the licensing market. Both licensors and licensees are exploring new models adapted to the connected world.

    • New paradigms in standard-essential patent licensing
    • Patent pools test novel approaches
    • The rise of hybrid deals
    15:30  -  16:00
    Networking break
    16:00  -  17:15
    Managing a best-in-class patent portfolio

    Building a patent portfolio is about much more than numbers. Smart management techniques can help you create a portfolio optimised for value creation.

    • Identifying valuable assets
    • Strategic acquisitions and disposals
    • Big data portfolio analysis