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    Registration and morning coffee
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    Chair’s welcome
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    Keynote address: an update from the INPI
    Keynote Speaker:
    10:05  -  11:05
    New approaches to strategic IP management

    With budgets under constant pressure, close management of an IP function is crucial in keeping costs under control. But doing more with less is possible.

    • Cost-conscious planning: how not to sacrifice quality in IP operations

    • Maintaining regional and global coverage without cutting corners

    • Communicating the IP message to the business

    11:05  -  11:35
    Networking break
    11:35  -  12:35
    The good, the bad and the ugly of IP enforcement

    IP disputes, whether in life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, or any other sector, are a fact of life. Staying abreast of growing threats and potential change is vital if you are to enforce your IP effectively.

    • Building an effective IP enforcement strategy

    • The litigation climate in Latin America and beyond

    • International differences and changes on the horizon

    12:35  -  13:35
    Strategies for fighting counterfeits and copycats

    The threat from counterfeits and copycats continues to evolve. IP owners need to constantly review their protection strategies, recruit new allies, and — crucially — ensure ROI on enforcement efforts.

    • Building an enforcement network: from border control to investigators

    • Cost control does not mean sacrificing results: juggling finite budgets

    • Choosing the right enforcement option in the right venue to achieve the right result

    13:35  -  14:35
    Lunch and networking break
    14:35  -  15:35
    Making money with your IP

    Although often viewed as a cost centre and a strictly legal matter, the IP function can play a key role in business strategy, brand building and value generation. Identifying revenue opportunities and ensuring stakeholders across the business recognise the tangible value that IP can create is key.

    • Building value and identifying revenue opportunities: technology transfer, franchising and more

    • To license or not to license: risk versus reward

    • Turning the IP department into a profit centre

    15:35  -  16:15
    Networking break
    16:15  -  17:15
    Managing IP risk in the global business environment

    As one of the single most important assets a company can own, managing IP does not come without risk. Counsel need to prepare for the unexpected and unknown, position the business for success and identify opportunity in adverse circumstances.

    • Coverage conundrums: juggling business and legal concerns

    • Building in IP protection across the supply chain

    • Preparing for the unexpected

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    Networking reception
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    Closing drinks ceremony