• Tuesday, April 2, 2019
    09:30  -  10:00
    Welcome and keynote address
    Keynote Speaker:
    10:00  -  11:15
    Using IP to drive business growth
    A sound IP strategy can help technology companies to meet challenges both at home and overseas. Leading executives from Chinese and foreign companies discuss how they deploy IP to support corporate goals.

    • Entering new markets with freedom to operate
    • Forming strategic partnerships based on IP
    • IP strategy in a Chinese context
    11:15  -  11:45
    Networking break
    11:45  -  13:00
    The modern IP function
    Companies of all sizes need a dedicated and capable team in order to get the most out of IP. Industry leaders share their experience of building best-in-class corporate teams and creating value from their portfolios.

    • Building an IP department and avoiding over-investment
    • Communicating IP’s business value
    • Patent management pitfalls
    13:00  -  14:00
    Networking lunch
    14:00  -  15:15
    Licensing in a new era
    There are more players than ever in the licensing market, as new technologies incorporate wireless capabilities. Both licensors and licensees are exploring new models for maximising the spread of connected devices while appropriately rewarding innovators.

    • Negotiation best practices
    • Collective licensing models
    • Finding a fair rate for 5G technology
    15:15  -  15:45
    Networking break
    15:45  -  17:00
    Navigating global litigation
    Major court rulings have had a big impact on corporate IP strategies. IP risk is constantly shifting as disputes become more international and new jurisdictions come to the fore.

    • Landmark mobile judgments in the United States and Europe
    • Growing activity in Chinese courts
    • Effective risk management tactics
    17:00  -  18:00
    Cocktail reception