IPBC Shenzhen 2019 will bring together contributions from some of the foremost thought leaders from major domestic and international IP owners plus industry regulators and disruptors. For information about speaking and participation options, please contact Bing Zhao on bzhao@GlobeBMG.com

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Meng Jia
Senior Patent Counsel
Shengtao Hu.jpg
Shengtao Hu
Director, IPR Policy
Shengtao Hu is Director of IP Rights Policy at Ericsson. Prior to Ericsson, Ms Hu spent three years working in Asia-Pacific public affairs at a US-based world-leading company. Ms Hu has rich experience in public administration, which she gained from working for more than a decade at the Department of Treaty and Law of the China Ministry of Commerce. Prior to joining the private sector, she undertook bilateral and multilateral negotiations on IP rights issues, free trade agreements and investment treaties, as well as relevant domestic legislative work. Ms Hu also spent two years in Washington DC working at the Chinese Embassy, where she was responsible for bilateral governmental programmes regarding IP and anti-trust.
Sonja London.jpg
Sonja London
Head, Licensing Operations
Sonja London joined Nokia in 2007 and has held a variety of roles spanning business development, transactions, licensing negotiations and operations. She leads global licensing operations for Nokia Technologies, which licenses Nokia patents, technologies and the Nokia brand. In this role, she established Nokia’s licensing operations strategy and digitalised systems, enabling scalable growth for the end-to-end licensing business. Ms London also leads a rapidly growing patent licensing programme for the consumer electronics sector, enabling manufacturers to implement connectivity and video-coding technologies in their products.

Ms London is President of the Licensing Executives Society Scandinavia and has lectured at Helsinki’s Aalto University and spoken at events and conferences. She has an LLM from the University of Helsinki and is a candidate for an executive MBA at Aalto University. In addition to her Nokia roles, Ms London serves as Board Member and IP Adviser for FusionLayer Ltd and 21TDMC Group Ltd.
James Maccoun
Patent Counsel
James Maccoun is Patent Counsel at Google’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, engaging in strategic patent licensing and patent strategy. He negotiated the Google-Tencent patent cross-licence agreement that was recognised by the IPBC as the Deal of the Year for 2018.

Previously, Mr Maccoun was Patent Counsel at Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Palo Alto headquarters. Before HP, he was Patent Counsel for Motorola’s Beijing office, where he was the Lead Attorney for IP matters in greater China.

Google was a top-10 US patent recipient in 2014; while Mr Maccoun was with HP and Motorola, both achieved the same distinction.

Mr Maccoun started practising law with Lee and Li, a leading international commercial law firm headquartered in Taipei. He is a member of the California State Bar and a registered Patent Attorney. He is fluent in Mandarin and speaks elementary Korean.
Micky Minhas.JPG
Micky Minhas
Vice president, patent licensing and engineering
Micky Minhas is vice president of IP licensing at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Mr Minhas oversees the patent and patent licensing strategy for Microsoft while also managing a diverse and unique team that includes legal and business professionals who are responsible for a variety of IP transactions, such as in-bound and out-bound licensing, cross-licensing and divestitures, as well as a dynamic team of engineers with a deep knowledge of technologies that work on Microsoft’s patent portfolio, licensing programmes, and litigation and acquisition efforts.

Mr Minhas has served with Microsoft for the past 4-and-a-half years. Previously, he was vice president of patent strategy at Qualcomm Incorporated for 13 years.

Mr Minhas received a JD and an LLM focusing on intellectual property from the Franklin Pierce Centre, the University of New Hampshire, an MSc in electrical engineering from George Washington University and a BSc in electrical engineering from Marquette University.
Thomas Roessler.jpg
Thomas Roessler
Head, New Business
Thomas Roessler has a background in business and finance. He has a degree in business administration and is a certified Patent Consultant. Mr Roessler worked for several years as a Market Intelligence Manager at a service provider of Deutsche Bank, managing investment funds focused on patent investments and technology development. Thereafter, he co-founded a company in the data integration and data quality fields. Before joining Sisvel in 2013, Mr Roessler was a Consultant for several companies in the technology transfer and commercialisation fields. At Sisvel, Mr Roessler is Head of New Business.
Joseph Sommer 300.png
Joseph Sommer
Vice president, IP
Joseph Sommer has been involved in various forms of monetisation of AT&T’s patent assets and technology for over 20 years. Mr Sommer has participated in M&A transactions, standards consortium pool formations, patent valuations, managed company-wide de facto and standard-based patent licensing programmes, designed corporate-wide IP education courses, instituted and managed a patent sales programme, managed two full patent portfolio analysis projects and created a portfolio taxonomy for an early instantiation of the AT&T portfolio for ease of analysis. He has also worked with venture capitalists to leverage portions of AT&T’s patent and technology assets for high value.
low res ast.PNG
Ray Strimaitis
Vice President, Corporate Development and Global Strategy
Allied Security Trust
Ray Strimaitis is Vice President of Corporate Development and Global Strategy at Allied Security Trust, a non-profit cooperative which provides members with a cost-effective method of mitigating the risk of patent assertions by collectively purchasing assets available on the open market.

Previously, Mr Strimaitis was Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Yahoo and Vice President at Excalibur IP, where he led a global team of IP professionals. While at Yahoo, Mr Strimaitis initiated, successfully established and led a programme to monetise Yahoo patents, which has resulted in $600 million in patent sales and licence transactions. In 2016 he led the effort to form Excalibur IP – a wholly-owned Yahoo subsidiary established to further optimise patent value for Yahoo shareholders.

Before joining Yahoo, Mr Strimaitis served in various legal, management and patent monetisation roles at IBM. He has a BS in electrical engineering and a JD from Cleveland State University.
Yuyuan Tan.jpg
Yuyuan Tan
Head, IP Solutions, Asia-Pacific
Bureau van Dijk
Yuyuan Tan is Head of IP Solutions for Asia-Pacific at Bureau van Dijk – a Moody’s Analytics company. He manages the company’s business within the IP sector, as well as its industry-leading patents and company data solutions – Orbis Intellectual Property. Mr Tan has spent his career engaging with government officials and academics within the IP research and innovation space. He started his career in higher education solutions at Pearson, before venturing into the scientific research and IP fields at Clarivate Analytics. Mr Tan has a degree in economics from the National University of Singapore.
Leo Tang.jpg
Leo Tang
Clyde & Co Westlink JLV
Leo Tang is a dual-qualified China-licensed patent attorney and lawyer, with more than 20 years' experience in patent prosecution, enforcement and litigation. He is a Partner at Clyde & Co Westlink JLV and specialises in patent prosecution, patent civil litigation, patent administrative litigation, administrative enforcement, freedom to operate, patent mapping and patent protection strategies. Mr Tang has worked on and supported several leading patent litigation cases in China, including winning petitions before the Supreme People's Court (SPC) in rare IP cases where the SPC granted leave to appeal.

Mr Tang’s key industry sectors include electronics, electrical engineering, auto-control technologies, optical fibre telecommunications, computer science and information technology, computer software, wireless and network telecoms, semiconductor technology, automation and mechanical.
Marco Tong Xin- ZTE.jpg
Marco Tong
Chief Licensing Officer and Deputy IP Officer
Ramons Wang.jpg
Ramons Wang
Senior Counsel, IP Transactions and Monetisation
Ramons Wang is Senior Counsel of IP transactions and monetisation at Huawei. He is heavily involved in Huawei’s patent prosecution, litigation, licensing, transaction and monetisation activities. Mr Wang is responsible for Huawei’s patent buying and selling. Mr Wang has worked at Huawei for 12 years, including spending three years at its US branch. He has great knowledge of the patent transaction market, as well as extensive connections with major operating companies and brokers across various jurisdictions.
Vince Wang1.jpg
Vince Wang
Head, IP and Director
CAA business Group, Foxconn Technology Group
Gilbert Wu.jpg
Gilbert Wu
Executive Vice President
MiiCs & Partners
Gilbert Wu is Executive Vice President of MiiCs & Partners, one of the most reputable IP consulting firms in Asia. Mr Wu leads the firm to realise the value of clients’ IP assets through M&A, licensing, tech transfers, sales and other forms of transaction. Under his leadership, MiiCs has executed multiple high-value private transactions between prestigious enterprises globally and acquired licence deals for clients’ patent assets. Before joining MiiCs, Mr Wu was a practitioner in corporate and commercial areas. He advised industry leaders in M&A projects, global complex disputes and commercial transactions. His clients include global electronic companies, small and medium-sized biotech enterprises and venture capital funds.

Mr Wu has a JD from Tulane University School of Law and an LLM from Duke University School of Law.
Changhe Yang
Head, IP Centre
Changhe Yang is Head of the IP centre at TCL. He has more than 17 years’ IP experience and focuses primarily on patent strategies, portfolio management and licensing. Mr Yang is a technical expert for the International Electrotechnical Commission’s display commission and an IP expert for the Audio Video Standard Standardisation Organisation.
David Yurkerwich
Senior Managing Director
Ankura Consulting Group, LLC
David Yurkerwich is Senior Managing Director and Leader of Ankura Consulting Group’s IP team. He assists clients in navigating the challenges and capitalising on opportunities associated with assessing, valuing and managing IP assets in today’s global innovation economy. Combining competitive information and state-of-the-art valuation methodologies, Ankura delivers practical business solutions. Mr Yurkerwich has been recognised in the IAM Strategy 300 since its inception in 2008.

Mr Yurkerwich works closely with inventors, owners and attorneys to assess patentability and markets for technologies to build and maintain competitive IP portfolios. He negotiates IP-based transactions, and structures and manages joint development, licensing and enforcement activities. Mr Yurkerwich provides expert valuation testimony in patent infringement cases, international arbitration and other business disputes involving companies in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States.

Mr Yurkerwich is active in the brokering, finance, IP auction, IP management consultancy, licensing, M&A, technology transfer and valuation sectors.
Minhui Zeng.jpg
Minhui Zeng
Senior Partner
Advance China IP Law Office
Minhui Zeng has more than 21 years’ experience in IP practice, with a particular focus on machinery and electronics. Mr Zeng has handled a large number of patent and trademark applications and infringement lawsuits. He is experienced in IP litigation and training enterprises on IP rights standards management.

Mr Zeng has represented IP rights holders in more than 400 patent and trademark infringement litigations. Mr Zeng always resolves disputes flexibly with various approaches – namely, mediation, negotiation, complaints and litigation to reduce costs and achieve the most efficient and beneficial results. This has earned him an excellent reputation among his clients and peers.

One of Mr Zeng’s patent infringement disputes resulted in a Rmb46 million compensation award – the largest amount ever given for patent infringement in the household appliances industry. He has also organised IP rights standards management implementation services for enterprises in Guangdong.
Yan Zhao.png
Yan Zhao
Senior Partner
P.C. & Associates
Zhao Yan is a Senior Partner at PC & Associates and is in charge of its Shanghai office. He has been admitted as a Lawyer in China and New York and as a Patent Attorney in China and Singapore. Mr Zhao specialises in patent prosecution and patent litigation, as well as other IP-related work.

Mr Zhao is both technically and legally trained; he has more than 20 years’ working experience in both in-house positions and private practice. He was a Partner with a leading international law firm for six years before joining PC & Associates. Mr Zhao’s unique dual educational background and rich working experience allow him to provide practical legal solutions catering to clients’ business objectives in patent portfolio management and litigation.

From 2015 to 2017, Mr Zhao was ranked by the IAM Patent 1000 as a leading patent attorney in China.
Joseph Zhou.jpg
Joseph Zhou
Senior Director, International Litigation
Joseph Zhou is Senior Director of International Litigation in Xiaomi Inc’s legal department. He is responsible for managing contentious legal matters outside China with an emphasis on IP litigation. Dr Zhou has a JD from Arizona State University and a PhD in physics from Purdue University in the United States. Prior to joining Xiaomi, Dr Zhou worked at a US university, various multinationals and major US law firms in the areas of science, engineering, patent prosecution and IP law.
Binxin Li - 李斌馨.jpg
Binxin Li
Baker McKenzie FenXun Joint Operation Office
Binxin Li is a partner in Baker McKenzie FenXun Joint Operation Office. He heads the patent team in China and oversees his clients’ business operations and commercial growth in China and overseas, delivering practical and comprehensive solutions that utilize his clients’ IP assets as well as advising on the prevention of potential legal risks. He advises multinational and domestic companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, mechanical, telecommunication and entertainment industries on complex IP issues related to IP enforcement, IP filing, IP portfolio management and technology transfers.

Mr. Li has been recognized as “Client Choice Top 20 Lawyers in CHINA” by Asian Legal Business in 2015 and 2016.