• Tuesday, April 17, 2018
    08:15  -  09:00
    Registration and morning coffee  (morning reg)
    09:00  -  09:30
    Welcome and keynote address
    09:30  -  10:45
    Corporate IP best practice
    As demands on IP teams change, they need to constantly re-assess whether their in-house organisation is fit to purpose. Becoming more business oriented is a tall order, but can lead to impressive results.
    • Building a commercial-focused IP function
    • Communicating the business value of intellectual property
    • Merging IP and corporate strategies
    10:45  -  11:15
    Networking break
    11:15  -  12:30
    Global IP risk management

    The nature of litigation risk is rapidly changing across the world. Novel NPE strategies are emerging in established markets such as the United States and Germany, while China is becoming more crucial than ever. In addition, advanced technology and connectivity are creating new IP risk flashpoints.

    • The shifting IP enforcement landscape
    • How China fits into a global litigation strategy
    • Coping with risks related to AI and IoT
    12:30  -  13:30
    Networking lunch
    13:30  -  14:45
    Optimising your portfolio
    Building a patent portfolio is not about unlimited growth. Smart portfolio management can help companies to create a valuable and balanced stockpile of assets.
    • Identifying valuable assets
    • Strategic acquisitions and disposals
    • Harnessing AI and big data
    14:45  -  15:15
    Networking break
    15:15  -  16:30
    The changing shape of licensing
    As wireless connectivity is integrated into an increasing number of products, patent licensing is becoming a fact of life for many new companies. But licence deals themselves are changing too, and are about much more than just patent rights.
    • The ongoing FRAND debate
    • New models in pool licensing
    • Beyond pure patent deals